Main courses

Boeuf Béarnaise, steak served with salad, french fries and Béarnaise sauce Kr225,-

Gourmet Burger, Beef steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms with chilli. Served with small roasted potatos and Bearnaise dip Kr135,-

Wienerschnitzel (Vienna schnitzel), Breaded veal steak served with peas, carrots and sautéed potatoes Kr175,-

Fried Whole Plaice from Hirtshals with white potatoes and butter sauce Kr178,-

Luxury shooting star, 2 plaice fillets, fish fillet, shrimps, asparagus and homemade dressing Kr. 130,-

Chicken breast, served on grilled vegetables with salad, spicy potatoes and aioli Kr105,-

Inn Fish´n Chips, with homemade tartar sauce Kr120,-


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