The Inn's Dishes, Marinated Herring with curry salad, Fish Fillet with Remoulade, Pork Tenderloin with soft fried onions, brie Cheese with Crackers and grapes Kr. 135,-

The Inn's Fish'n Chips, with homemade tartar sauce Kr. 120,-

Luxury shooting star, Home-breaded plaice fillets, a steamed fish fillet, smoked salmon, shrimps, asparagus and homemade dressing Kr. 130,-

Shooting star,  2 fried fish fillets, shrimps, asparagus and homemade dressing Kr. 90,-

The Inn's Burger, homemade hamburger with coleslaw, red onion, tomato and cucumber. Served with spicy potatoes Kr. 115,-

"Pariserbøf", ground beef patty on toasted bread, served with salad, chopped raw onions, chopped beetroots, capers, horseradish and raw egg Kr. 130,-

Cæsarsalad with chicken and parmesan cheese Kr. 78,-


Open sandwich

Pickled herring with curry salad Kr. 35,-

Pickled herring with onions and capers Kr. 35,-

Shrimp on white bread with mayonnaise Kr. 56,-

Salmon on white bread with dill dressing Kr. 56,-

Fillet of plaice with tartar sauce Kr.

Salted cold meat with jelly and onions Kr. 35,-

Smoked saddle of pork with Italian salad Kr. 35,-

Sausage made of rolled meat with jelly and onions Kr. 35,-

Eggs and shrimp with lemon and caviar Kr. 35,-

"Dyrlægens natmad" (with liver paté and salted cold meat)
 Kr. 35,-

Roast pork with red cabbage Kr. 35,-

White bread with sausage made of rolled meat Kr. 35,-

White bread with cheese Kr. 35,-


From 17:00 o'clock, served only as side dish Kr. 45,-



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